We Buy the Ingredients

We select only the finest and freshest ingredients

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We Cook in Your Kitchen

For as little as 20 euros per person for a three course meal, we come to your home and prepare one of our delicious menus

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We Serve Each Dish

We set the table and bring each course for you and your guests

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We Clean Up

We wash the dishes, clean the counters and put things away.

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Private Dinner Parties, BBQ's and Buffets


Whether you want an intimate dinner for two, a garden party for twenty or a special event catered for we can provide you with the best pricing option.  Our catering options are on a par price wise to local restaurants with out the hassle of deciding where to go and who is going to drive.  Relax in your own home and let us take care of all the preparations.

Alternative Boho Chic Events

Why not host your event in the grounds of our farm.  We have available for hire 'Dolly' our beautifully restored vintage caravan.  She comes equipped with an eight metre marquee, outdoor kitchen and BBQ area, Beach hut style bathroom with full amenities (flushing toilet, running water etc), outdoor seating area and over 4500 square feet of beautiful scenery to enjoy. The perfect option for alternative style weddings and birthday parties.  Guest accommodation available onsite for two people

Group of friends talking and enjoying themselves at a outdoor garden party with food and wine drinks

How it Works....

  1. Click the 'Book Now' button
  2. Select your event type (Menu at home or hosting on our farm)
  3. Choose the date of your event from our calendar
  4. Choose a menu
  5. Complete a few details
  6. Pay